Gaidge LLC announced that its analytics software, Gaidge 2.0, is now integrated with the tops practice management software topsOrtho via its Platform One portal.

Platform One Practice Analytics directly link to Gaidge, giving topsOrtho users “seamless access” to their business KPIs, according to the companies. Gaidge has over 80 available metrics and 35 reports, providing business intelligence dashboards, benchmarking, and performance comparisons for the orthodontic practice. 

The integration is intended to construct a user-friendly environment for topsOrtho clients, helping them save time and simplify processing. Gaidge is created and customized for orthodontists and is designed to bring clarity and help them identify opportunities to better manage and grow their businesses. Practice data is automatically pulled and in a secure daily upload returns real time statistics, visual reports, comparisons, and trends on practice performance. For topsOrtho clients, the information is accessed directly within the topsOrtho software application using their Single Sign-on verification. 

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership and have been looking forward to bringing the power of data analytics and resulting improved business management to the topsOrtho community of users,” said Ryan Moynihan, CEO of Gaidge. 

The integration with topsOrtho marks the fifth practice management software integration for Gaidge. Previously announced integration partners include Cloud 9 Software, Dolphin Imaging & Management Solutions, Ortho2, and Carestream Dental