Edge3Ortho2, Ames, Iowa, has released Edge 3, the latest version of the Edge orthodontic practice management software. The software includes added features and enhanced functionality designed to optimize the efficiency of the practice.

Some of the new features include an expanded scheduler bar with the addition of a Sooner if Possible section; the ability to track patients and doctor time with the light bar in Patient Tracker; improved program speed; added keyboard shortcuts; an extensive library of practice reports and integrations; and more.

Edge 3 modules, which include Edge Animations, Edge Image, and Premier Imaging, also feature new enhancements and are available as standalone applications or for use in conjunction with Edge or Viewpoint software.

Edge Animations exports videos as a WMV file, to disk, to YouTube, or to Facebook. Users can now include a background WAV or MP3 file to be played in a published video, and many videos have a pre?recorded voice?over audio track. The new version also features presentation mode, which allows users to mirror portions of the current screen in a separate window to enable data presentation across multiple monitors.

Edge Imaging showcases several new tools, including an angle measurement tool, allowing users to click three points on a selected image and measure the angle between them. An annotation measuring tool was also added to show the distance between two points.

Premier Imaging, an upgrade to Edge Imaging, has added timepoint morphing, creating the ability to select an image type and seamlessly morph between timepoints to show progress throughout treatment.

The Edge 3 Dashboard has also been expanded to include new widgets such as a clock, stopwatch, and UserVoice widget, to easily send enhancement requests directly to Ortho2.

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