Dr Fresh LLC, Buena Park, Calif, has entered into a special partnership between its Firefly® kids toothbrush brand and Oral Health America (OHA). The joint venture is designed to promote regular tooth brushing through accessibility and fun, while benefitting OHA’s Smiles Across America® (SAA) program. The SAA is designed to increase access to dental services in school-based and school-linked settings for children who are most at risk for developing dental disease.

The partnership between Firefly and OHA will kick off on February 6, 2014, in celebration of National Children’s Dental Health Month. According to Dr Fresh, Firefly will donate $25,000 and thousands of its signature Firefly Light-Up Timer toothbrushes to at-risk children across the country.

The first kick-off event will take place at Pershing School in Berwyn, Ill, which is part of the Oak Park River Forest Infant Welfare Society’s Children’s Clinic dental services program. Students there will take part in a special brush-a-thon event. Firefly will mark the event by donating its popular light-up timer toothbrushes.

“Firefly is addressing a key component of prevention by providing access to quality toothbrushes and making tooth brushing a fun and anticipated part of the day, not to mention a lifelong good habit,” said Beth Truett, President and CEO of Oral Health America. “As an SAA sponsor, the brand supports our overall efforts to help 400,000 children receive much needed oral care annually.”