Synapse Dental will provide Smiles Change Lives member orthodontists with the Dental Pain Eraser to use with patients from underserved communities.

Synapse Dental and Smiles Change Lives (SCL) are partnering to provide thousands of disadvantaged children with affordable, pain-free orthodontics.

For 25 years, the non-profit SCL has provided access to orthodontic care for over 16,000 children from families unable to afford the full cost of braces. Synapse Dental will give each of the SCL’s 700 member orthodontists with the Dental Pain Eraser, an electronic dental anesthesia solution that prevents and relieves oral pain without the need for pills, topical gels, or local anesthetic injections.

The Dental Pain Eraser is cleared by the Food and Drug Administration for use with children and adults. It is a clinically proven oral pain relief solution that relieves pain instantly and lasts up to 48 hours, is drug-free, needle-free, and numb-free without side effects.

“This is an incredible opportunity for our members to provide an exceptional orthodontic experience for their youngest patients,” says Alexis Barclay, vice president of operations for Smiles Change Lives. “Our partnership with Synapse Dental will make an even bigger difference in the lives of children by helping them relieve their discomfort while wearing braces.”

Dental Pain Eraser inventor Cosmo Haralambidis, DMD, spent years of extensive research in neuromodulation to bring the Dental Pain Eraser to life. Through its Advanced PulseWave technology, the Dental Pain Eraser sends subsensory electric pulses to calm the nerves in the mouth and provide long-lasting pain relief. According to Synapse Dental, when the applicator is applied to the tooth or gum, the user feels their pain instantly subside.

“As orthodontists, we are in a position to help our patients feel better about their smiles,” said Cosmo, co-founder of Synapse Dental. “With the Dental Pain Eraser, we now have a way to elevate the orthodontic experience for our patients, removing the fear and anxiety during their orthodontic treatment. We’re thrilled to partner with Smiles Change Lives to make a child’s ortho experience amazing.”

The Dental Pain Eraser prevents and relieves oral pain in-office and at-home from dental treatment (hygiene/periodontics, extractions, surgery, implants, orthodontics) and oral disorders (canker sores, TMJ/TMD, sensitivity). By reducing a patient’s discomfort, the Dental Pain Eraser can help reduce anxiety, increase case acceptance, improve sleep, and increase cooperation with home care for proper oral hygiene and elastics use.