The Rapid Share D30+ ortho has been validated for use with CS Model+ v5, giving users the means to design and print clear aligners in-office. 

Carestream Dental has validated D30+ ortho 3D printer from the German company Rapid Share for use with its CS Model+ v5 software. The combination can be used to design and print clear aligners in-office. 

“We continue to see rising demand for in-house clear aligners so this partnership with Rapid Shape will help us expand the digital ecosystem for our mutual customers,” said Ed Shellard, DMD, chief dental officer at Carestream Dental.

Once a scan is captures using the CS 3600 or CS 3700 intraoral scanners, CS Model+ v5 uses artificial intelligence to automate much of the design process. According to Carestream Dental, because the software provides a degree of difficulty index, users have more confidence of success when starting cases and creating intermediary treatment steps. 

After the case is designed, it can be sent to the D30+ ortho. The D30+ ortho is a DLP printer with patented Force Feedback technology. Designed for orthodontic indications, the printer features an extra-large build area and produces validated orthodontic models and individual trays, according to a press release from Carestream Dental. Furthermore, the temperature-controlled resin reservoir reportedly provides process stability. The D30+ ortho 3D printer can print up to six models in 20 minutes. 

“Rapid Shape’s user-friendly DLP printer and Carestream Dental’s CS Model+ v5 software can keep up with demand for clear aligners,” said Andreas Schultheiss, CEO, Rapid Shape. “With Carestream Dental, we have a high-quality partner on our side to expand and enhance the Rapid Shape portfolio. We are looking forward to working with Carestream Dental to provide more validated 3D printers.”