The integration is designed to simplify the process from scan to print for in-office clear aligner production. 

Carestream Dental announced the validation of the SprintRay Pro printer for use with the newest update of CS Model+ 5, the company’s latest update to its modeling software. 

“We’re excited to announce this integration between Carestream Dental and SprintRay,” John Cox, vice president of sales and marketing, SprintRay, said. “Simplifying the process from scan to print removes friction from the digital workflow, helping to drive the adoption of CAD/CAM technology, which ultimately benefits the patient. Intraoral scanners and 3D printers are very complementary technologies, and we’re proud to offer this integration to our user bases.”

Users reportedly start with a scan captured by either a CS 3600 or CS 3700 intraoral scanner. Next, the latest version of CS Model+ v5, with its color-coded case complexity ranking and other automated features, helps users plan and design aligner case. According to Carestream Dental, from there users can directly import the aligner models into the SprintRay nesting software, RayWare, where AI-driven printability ensures proper orientation before printing. The print job can then be sent to the SprintRay Pro 3D printer, where eight models can reportedly be fabricated in less than 30 minutes. When using the SprintRay Pro Wash/Dry and Pro Cure post-processing units, the models can be ready for thermoforming in under an hour with minimal user interaction.

“Practices have been telling us they want more control and more options when it comes to clear aligners to meet growing patient demands,” Ed Shellard, DMD, chief dental officer, Carestream Dental, said. “CS Model+ v5 gives users control over the design and printing while the SprintRay Pro lets them keep treatment in-house, so they can compete with direct-to-consumer brands but with the benefit of clinician-guided treatment—and in a shorter timeframe.”