DentalMonitoring announced the ScanAssist AI-guided scan process for patients designed to improve patient engagement and photo quality.

DentalMonitoring announced ScanAssist, an AI-guided scan process for orthodontists. ScanAssist is designed to provide a fun, engaging patient experience while also providing unprecedented photo quality for clinical analysis.

ScanAssist helps patients complete their scans quickly and efficiently with AI-guided instructions and real-time feedback. Providing a 3D model of a mouth that follows patients as they scan, this in-app system guides patients through scan movements to ensure high-quality pictures and detailed analysis of their treatment progression and oral health. The feature provides patients with a game-inspired experience, including visual and audio cues designed to increase motivation and compliance.

“Innovation is the motor that drives us to create solutions like ScanAssist, which uses one-of-a-kind AI-powered technology to guide patients at every step,” said Philippe Salah, DentalMonitoring chief executive officer. “We’re thrilled doctors and patients can use our solutions to create the best treatment experience possible.”

ScanAssist is the newest addition to the DentalMonitoring app, which uses software and AI to detect more than 130 intraoral observations for braces and aligners treatments for all patients.

Photo courtesy of DentalMonitoring