Ortho2 has become the Corus Orthodontists OSO’s exclusive practice management software provider.

Ortho2 has finalized a new agreement with Corus Orthodontists to become their exclusive practice management software provider.

Ortho2 is a leader in orthodontic practice management software with more than 2,800 customers worldwide.

Ortho2’s Edge Cloud delivers premium practice management, imaging, and communication solutions and features optimized private cloud computing, comprehensive management, patient reminders, education animations, and apps.

Ortho2 has provided practice management solutions in various settings, including universities, recent graduate offices, individual and group practices, dental service organizations (DSOs), and leading orthodontic service organizations (OSOs).

“We are thrilled to provide our Edge Cloud platform and services to this group of premier orthodontists,” said Craig Scholz, vice president of emerging technologies at Ortho2. “Corus Orthodontists has created a really unique patient-centric approach to the OSO model, and their rapid growth and implementation continues to demonstrate their ability to execute their vision.”

With the exponential rise in OSO growth, Ortho2 has heavily invested in its enterprise-level technology and services over the last several years.

“Our new partnership with Corus Orthodontists solidifies our position as the leader in enterprise-level orthodontic practice management,” said Scholz. “We look forward to helping Corus Orthodontists with their continued growth in addition to expanding Ortho2’s customer base in the DSO and OSO markets.”

Corus Orthodontists is a growing orthodontic partnership network of over 50 doctor-partners.

“After conducting a thorough review of options, Ortho2 Edge’s Cloud platform was the clear choice for a growing network like Corus Orthodontists,” said Brett Laschinger, Corus’ chief operating officer. “Edge Cloud will allow us to harness the power and insights of network-wide data capture while enabling our teams to deliver the best patient care possible.”

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