With this new update to the platform, Gaidge users can understand the potential growth impact of virtual consultations and virtual observation checks for their practice. 

Gaidge LLC released an update to its software platform that now includes virtual consultation metrics and appointment tracking. The addition will be automatically available and included for all Gaidge accounts at no additional charge. 

The initial release has been mapped for Carestream/OrthoTrac and Dolphin Management software programs with the next release scheduled to include the company’s remaining practice management system partners. 

Fully integrated with the leading practice management systems, the Gaidge platform features are automated with nightly uploads to give clients visibility into the practice’s performance, essential business metrics, and goals. 

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual consultation technology has become vital for practices in need of a viable alternative to traditional in-person appointments. In addition, many practices have found that the technology has broader and more long-term application beyond the pandemic. Virtual consultations and virtual visits can increase opportunities to connect with patients as well as minimize the need for in-person visits for routine checks, triage, and observation. 

“This new addition provides an added service to our clients to help them easily understand and realize the potential growth impact of virtual consultations and virtual observation checks, as well as reducing scheduled appointments for retainer checks and emergency triage. We are excited to help practices track their performance and make the most of virtual technology.” said Mary Beth Kirkpatrick, president of Gaidge and partner at impact360 Consulting. 

With this update, Gaidge clients reportedly can now track their virtual consultations in the following areas: 

  • Exams and New Patients
  • Origin of Starts
  • Pre-Treatment Observation
  • Between Phases Observation
  • Schedule Statistics
  • Repair Detail
  • Retention Appointments

The company is offering guidance and support in setting up clients’ practice management software to deliver the information to Gaidge. Existing Gaidge users can contact s[email protected]; while new clients can contact [email protected] to learn more about the features of the software.