Rhinogram, a cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant telehealth solution, announced the launch of RhinoPay, a text-to-pay feature that gives orthodontic practices the ability to securely request and receive payments. 

With RhinoPay, practices can send payment requests to any patient from their Rhinogram dashboard. Payment requests are sent directly to the patient via text, allowing them to pay bills from their phone, using their preferred method of payment. Providers are able to easily view all payment requests and the status of any transaction. 

Rhinogram’s telehealth platform is designed to integrate with most EHR and PMS systems, synchronizing secure, encrypted patient communication into the clinical workflow. It allows staff to message-triage to appropriate team members, allowing the scheduling team to handle appointments, billing staff to field financial and insurance queries, and clinical team members to address care concerns. 

The company recently announced a partnership with athenahealth Inc, giving its network of 160,000 healthcare providers access to the Rhinogram application, making remote healthcare possible for patients.