The new features to the company’s cloud-based practice-management software include in-app instant messaging, multi-patient tabs, and separate orthodontic and specialty charts. 

tab32 announced the release of its new user experience (UX) interface for its cloud-based practice management software. 

According to the company, its latest launch and redesign offer the most contemporary UX in the dental market with simple, easy workflows designed for efficiency based on user feedback. 

New features include: in-app instant messaging; multi-patient tabs (several patient records can be opened in tabs within the platform); radiograph annotation and drawing tools; interactive KPI dashboards (clickable graphs and metrics); and separate orthodontic and speciality charts.

In 2020, tab32 introduced cloud Open Data Warehousing for DSOs to its platform. 

tab32 use Google’s cloud-based infrastructure and are developed within Google’s technology stack.