Enhancements to the teledentistry platform include new video conferencing, provider chat, and patient portal features. 

MouthWatch LLC debuted significant upgrades to its provider-focused, all-in-one teledentistry platform TeleDent at the 2020 Chicago Midwinter Meeting. The enhancements focus on the platform’s video conferencing, provider chat, and patient portal. 

The company has expanded TeleDent’s video conferencing capabilities to now include seamless capture of still images, videos, and full-length video conferences directly into the platform’s patient record program. 

Other upgrades range from multi-camera support for intraoral images to video conference chat. Multi-camera support for intraoral images allows webcam video and intraoral camera video to be streamed in the same conference session. Meanwhile, video images can now be freeze framed, allowing clinicians to quickly capture still images from a video feed and save them into the patient’s records.

Expanded store and forward capabilities on the TeleDent platform now allow entire video conferences to be recorded, shared, and replayed; while a video conference chat for simultaneous communication during a teleconference allows users to ask questions, share, and provide links. A new teleconference screen share feature, similar to familiar video conference programs, is designed to improve clinical collaboration and patient communication. 

Upgrades to the TeleDent’s provider chat bring real-time collaboration capabilities to providers in separate locations to a new level. The chat feature is secure and HIPAA compliant, making it an alternative to standard, unencrypted email or texting. And with real time messaging, users can share audio, video, and still photo attachments via encrypted meetings, making it ideal for group practices.

The company has also added a visual treatment plan sharing features for provider-to-provider and provider-to-patient sharing. With this feature, providers can limit patient access to only the information they determine relevant and/or appropriate.