This latest offering is part of UnitedHealthcare Dental’s comprehensive response to COVID-19, which also includes financial support for customers and enhanced payments for network providers.

With COVID-19 continuing to spread, UnitedHealthcare Dental has launched a comprehensive response, including a new teledentistry option to help people avoid unnecessary ER visits and financial support for employers and network dentists.  In addition, UnitedHealthcare Dental is providing important financial support to employers and network dentists in response to COVID-19.

The teledentistry capability for dental plan participants provides access to at-home telephone and video consultations for advice and guidance to an appropriate setting for in-person care, such as their own provider, another local practitioner with availability, or primary care physician. The resource is available at no member cost-sharing (ie, waived deductible and copay) or extra cost for people enrolled in UnitedHealthcare’s fully insured employer-sponsored, Medicare Advantage, and select Medicaid dental plans. Teledentistry is available to eligible plan participants by calling the UnitedHealthcare customer service number on the back of their member ID cards. 

The company’s premium relief for employers applies to those with fully insured UnitedHealthcare group dental benefits, and gives customers a 50% one-month premium reduction in July. This is part of the $1.5 billion of support to customers provided by UnitedHealth Group in response to COVID-19 challenges.

For providers, the company is offering payments totaling up to $10 million through the end of 2020 for many network practitioners for certain services related to routine exams, emergency services, and initial evaluations for children and adults. Enhanced payments range between $5 and $10 in addition to the dental providers contracted fee for applicable services. Network practitioners may be eligible to gain access to a portion of UnitedHealthcare Dental’s relief package by enrolling at UHC Dental.