In this episode, infection control and prevention expert Jackie Dorst, RDH, BS, talks about the resources available online for orthodontic practices managing infection control amid COVID-19. She highlights a new document from OSAP and DentaQuest that compiles CDC, OSHA, ADA, and ADHA guidance on infection control best practices for the dental space.

Trustworthy resources

“Best Practices for Infection Control in Dental Clinics During the COVID-19 Pandemic” is a compilation of current regulations, guidance, and practice tips and includes a number of checklists including a respiratory protection plan checklist, PPE donning/doffing checklist, patient triage checklist, and employee screening log. Dorst also talks about where to turn for trustworthy resources related to COVID-19 as your practice navigates this new normal, including upcoming webinars from the AAO that will drill down on a OSHA respiratory protection plan that every orthodontic practice needs to have. 

When an employee tests positive

What’s more, Dorst provides guidance to practices dealing with staff who have been exposed or tested positive for COVID-19. She talks about the resources available to answer your questions and reminds viewers that the CDC is just one of the resources you should be turning to when deciding how long a staff member needs to be out. Your local health department should also be a resource. Dorst also provides info on HR resources that are available to help practices navigate the time off and pay ramifications of a staff member who is out for COVID-19. OP

Link to CDC guidance on Potential Exposure at Work as mentioned in the video: