3Shape, Copenhagen, Denmark, announced the release of the 2019 version of its design software for labs, 3Shape Dental System 2019.

According to the company, 3Shape Dental System 2019 includes significantly enhanced solutions for designing and producing dentures, splints, and clear aligners as well as improvements to core workflows. 3Shape Dental System 2019 is reportedly up to 10 times faster when it comes to starting new cases and re-opening previously designed cases, and when it comes to the import and export of material settings. Dental System 2019 also features one-click access to design proposals and a new function that uses the patient’s real jaw motion.

The Clear Aligner Studio has been updated to enable labs to expand their offering with clear aligners. According to 3Shape, this new version of Clear Aligner Studio is designed to bring 20% to 40% efficiency gains to the setup and staging of clear aligners, and includes new automated features, such as ID tagging, attachment sizing, and placement.

The digital denture design component includes new features like teeth-in-blocks, optimized try-in denture workflow, and improved TRIOS integration and alignment, which are intended to reduce labor time and production costs, and improve efficiency.

3Shape Splint Studio (not cleared by the FDA for clinical use in the United States) is intended to enable labs to more easily produce splints, night guards, protectors, and similar dental appliances with just a few clicks.

In addition, the 3Shape Dental System and 3Shape Smile Design include a complete set of new smile libraries, created by CDTs Przemek Seweryniak and Kate Brantvik. According to 3Shape, the smile libraries are based on real people’s smiles and are included in a corresponding coffee-table book meant for patients and dental practices. Patients can leaf through the book and choose a desired smile. Labs can then create the restoration chosen from the book using the matching library in 3Shape Dental System.