The ICC platform can be used by a wide range of dental professionals, as well as practices within the same network to facilitate collaboration. 

Carestream Dental unveiled its new Imaging Case and Collaboration (ICC) app. The platform is intended to make sharing cases more secure and straightforward. ICC can be used by a wide range of dental professionals—from the GP to the specialist to the lab, as well as practices within the same network, such as a DSO setting. 

Shareable with Colleagues 

ICC lets users upload all their important case images, from CBCT scans (DICOM) and intraoral scans (STL) to JPGS. With one-click, treatment plans and images can be shared with colleagues and other oral healthcare professionals for enhanced collaboration. According to Carestream Dental, that collaboration is taken a step further thanks to a Message tool that lets users highlight and comment on specific areas of interests on an image.

“A GP may be concerned by a periapical lesion on a 3D scan and share it with their endodontist referral with a note on the area of interest,” Ed Shellard, DMD, chief dental officer, said. “The endodontist is then immediately notified and can quickly respond to the doctor’s concern.”

Secure Files

Given that it is important to know who can access and view files when transferring sensitive patient information to ensure patient privacy and safety. the ICC app allows users to grant or revoke access to cases with a single click. So, as an office grows and brings in new doctors or referral relationships change, practices maintain strict control over who sees which cases.

ICC is a completely cloud-based platform, bringing with it all the benefits of a hosted solution. According to the company, practice owners can reduce their reliance on server maintenance and back-up, as it’s all handled offsite by Carestream Dental, thus reducing IT costs. Data encryption and storage reportedly meets all local, regional, and country policies to ensure compliance regarding patient privacy.

Intuitive App

This intuitive app can currently be accessed from a desktop and will soon be available for download on iOS smart phones for anytime access and sharing. The platform reportedly compresses any data loss at no cost before any transfer and storage, reducing file size and speeding up transfer so doctors can start collaborating sooner rather than waiting for files to upload.

“If someone can share photos and tag a ‘friend’ on a social media site, then they can use the ICC platform,” Shellard said. “Uploading photos and adding a message to a referral is just as quick and easy in the new app.”