Summary: Dentsply Sirona has enhanced DS Core with new lab-focused features, enabling better collaboration between dental labs and practices. The company also introduced DS Core Light, a subscription offering cloud storage for order and design files and interaction with non-digital dentists, advancing digital dentistry workflows and efficiency.

Key Takeaways:

  • Enhanced Collaboration: Dentsply Sirona’s new lab-focused features on DS Core improve order management, communication, and collaboration between labs and dental practices, including outsourcing capabilities and a streamlined dashboard.
  • DS Core Light: The new subscription option offers 1 TB of cloud storage and allows labs to digitize and share models and design proposals with dentists, facilitating a smoother transition to digital workflows for those not yet using intraoral scanners.

Dentsply Sirona has added new lab-focused features to DS Core, giving labs access to the same ordering and collaboration tools as their dentists. Additionally, the company launched a DS Core Light subscription for labs, offering capabilities such as cloud storage for order and design files and interaction with dentists not using intraoral scanners.

New Lab-Focused Features for DS Core

DS Core is an open platform digital dentistry solution for dental labs and practices. It features easy order acceptance, real-time communication of design proposals with dentists, and seamless integration of data into the lab’s preferred software.

The new functionalities for labs enable better collaboration with dental practices. The enhanced dashboard lists orders and media under client and patient names for quick access to relevant information. Labs can now outsource jobs to other labs or DS Core Create while retaining all original job details and files, which is useful for managing production partners or temporary staff bottlenecks.

DS Core Light Subscription

Dentsply Sirona also launched DS Core Light, a new subscription option providing users with 1 TB of storage space for order and design files. This allows labs to digitize models of physical impressions and design proposals and share them with dentists via DS Core, even if the dentist is not yet a user.

“Dentistry is a team sport, and dental labs are an essential part of the dental care team. That’s why we are continuously developing DS Core to enable the dental care team to advance with confidence and play together effectively. The latest updates are specifically made for dental labs,” said Max Milz, group vice president connected technology solutions at Dentsply Sirona. “With DS Core, dental labs can efficiently work together with practices using digital impressions, designs and even X-ray data, supported by real-time chat functionalities. DS Core is a single channel for exchanging many types of data securely, which is a huge improvement compared to the usual fragmented communication channels used today and a significant step towards a new era of connected dentistry.”