Ormco announced Spark Clear Aligners Release 14 , introducing Spark Approver Web, Dexis IOS integration and other updates.

Ormco Corporation announced Spark Clear Aligners Release 14, offering doctors greater flexibility with the introduction of Spark Approver Web and seamless DEXIS IOS integration, along with clinical and workflow updates.

“Spark Approver Web is more convenient to use, resulting in time savings for orthodontists by providing flexibility to access cases anytime, whether at the office or home,” said Eric Conley, President of Ormco. “This includes web-based access to the most commonly used desktop features of Spark Approver. In addition, DEXIS IOS integration optimizes Spark’s open platform by creating a continuous workflow from scanning to shipment.”

Spark Release 14 (R14) updates include:

  • Using Spark Approver Web, cases can now be accessed and modified anywhere and on the go
    • Work seamlessly between cloud-based and desktop-based Spark Approver Web software
    • Secure file saving allows for data and information to stay saved on the cloud until they need to be accessed or modified
    • No need for installation or updates
    • Supported on commonly used internet browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Opera
  • An optimized open platform through seamless integration of Spark Approver with DEXIS IOS resulting in a streamlined workflow
    • Spark Approver open file platform is now directly integrated with DEXIS IOS ScanFlow, making case submission easier and faster
    • Unlike the leading aligner brand, DEXIS IOS Solutions provides an open platform so practitioners can submit orders for functional appliances through their preferred provider.

Ormco also recently launched new clinical updates and user experience features, including:

Clinical Updates for Ultimate Control and Flexibility in Treatment Planning

  • Spark’s Integrated Hooks now include three size choices in retention attachments. Spark’s Integrated Hooks deliver optimal retention and an enhanced patient experience.
  • Now doctors can choose between TruGEN and TruGEN XR materials on all primary and refinement Spark product orders, including Spark 10, 20, and Advanced
  • Both TruGEN and TruGEN XR have the same advanced force retention, clarity, stain resistance, and material thickness that orthodontists love

Enhanced Workflow Advancements

  • Expanded Real-Time Approval allows for instant changes to improve efficiencies with Passive Aligner Editing. This update provides more flexibility when adding and editing passive aligners.
  • TruRoot CBCT Collision Alert System predicts and prevents collisions during treatment to help doctors plan treatments with more precautions. This feature automatically detects and highlights areas on the root surfaces that are touching or penetrating cortical bone.
  • Automatically import and align a CBCT scan with the TruRoot feature in Spark Approver from a local computer
  • Aligner Trimline takes the guesswork out of your workflow with an accurate visualization of the actual trimline in the Spark Approver Software
  • Web Scan Hold Resolution allows for faster workflow. Get detailed information in your dashboard to resolve scan issues with the new edit feature to minimize scan-matching errors.

Photo courtesy of Ormco