In our March issue, we profile Christopher Cetta, DMD, host of The Illuminate Orthodontic Podcast and co-inventor of Precision Aligner Buttons from DynaFlex

Here, Cetta, who is also in private practice at Blue Wave Orthodontics in Florida, talks about why he started The Illuminate Orthodontic Podcast and what he hopes his audience takes away from it. Then, he shares the his journey in creating Precision Aligner Buttons—the first bondable buttons created specifically for clear aligners. Precision Aligner Buttons piggyback on existing aligner infrastructure, fitting inside the semi-circle cutout windows in the plastic aligner.

Cetta breaks down the features of Precision Aligner Buttons and shares how orthodontists are using the buttons in their cases—including the less obvious applications with which orthodontists have had success. 

In this video, Cetta also talks about the process of bringing an invention to market, sharing why he chose the licensing route instead of a startup and the joys and challenges in the product development process. OP

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