SmileDirectClub_Nighttime-clear-alignersSmileDirectClub announced the launch of Nighttime Clear Aligners—an aligner system designed to straighten teeth while you sleep. According to the company, the aligners are intended for people with mild crowding and spacing issues.

“The launch of Nighttime Clear Aligners further strengthens SmileDirectClub’s mission to increase access to affordable, convenient orthodontic care and democratize confidence through a better smile,” said Alex Fenkell, co-founder of SmileDirectClub. “Millions of people want to straighten their smile, but some customers tell us that all-day wear can be a challenge for their job or lifestyle. SmileDirectClub’s Nighttime Clear Aligners empower customers to achieve the smile they have always wanted in a way that’s best for their routine.”

Nighttime Clear Aligner treatment reportedly requires 10 continuous hours of nighttime wear through the life of the customer’s prescribed treatment plan.

Nighttime Clear Aligners are available only in the United States and cost a one-time payment of $1895 or 24 monthly payments of $85 per month with a $250 deposit, according to a  press release from the company. Eligible candidates must be 12 or older with all adult teeth to be considered for treatment by a state-licensed dentist or orthodontist. Nighttime Clear Aligners are custom-made with BPA-free plastic.

The launch of Nighttime Clear Aligners comes after the company’s recent international expansion into Australia and the United Kingdom.