Orthodontic Products talks to sterilization and infection prevention expert Jackie Dorst to learn the ins-and-outs of remodeling a dinosaur sterilization room in this 4-part video series.

In part 1, Jackie breaks down the four stages of a remodel, as well as the cost considerations, and where she starts her evaluation. Hint: It’s not cabinets and the equipment. A good sterilization remodel, according to Jackie, starts with a look at how many instruments and cassettes the practice is using. That data will determine everything else.

In part 2, Jackie takes a deep dive into evaluating your instrument needs. With that information in hand, you can then determine the type and number of cassettes that will best serve you throughout the day.

In part 3, Jackie lays out your cleaning and sterilization equipment options. When it comes to instrument cleaning, orthodontic practices have two options: traditional ultrasonic or the newer instrument washers. Jackie explains the the workflow behind each method, as well as requirements to make each method effective. And when it comes to sterilization equipment, Jackie talks about the latest technology, specifically steam sterilization and autoclaves. She dives into the three different autoclave categories—traditional gravity, pulse (otherwise known as STATIMs), and dynamic air removal—and the ins and out of each.

And in part 4, Jackie focuses on going live—ie, training and the first patient day. Jackie shares how she structures her 2-day training session for the orthodontic team, all along emphasizing why training the team is key to making the most of the practice’s investment of time and money in a brand new sterilization room. OP