Biolase has increased the number of dental laser courses planned for early 2024 in response to growing demand.

Biolase has experienced growing demand for its robust educational offering and as a result has increased the number of dental laser courses planned for the first quarter of 2024.

The full list of both in-person and virtual course options offered can be found through Biolase’s education web portal at offers tailored education pathways through the Waterlase Academy and Epic Diode Academy.

The Waterlase Academy offers resources and educational content for the company’s Waterlase all-tissue laser, while the Epic Diode Academy serves as the educational hub for the Company’s Epic diode laser product.

The Waterlase Academy is offering a wide range of classroom courses, starting with the Advanced Mastery Course on February 2–3, 2024, at the Biolase Education Center, the company’s new training facility in Foothill Ranch, CA. The Biolase Education Center has access to a surgical dental suite for live patient education and provides dental clinicians with a comfortable, engaging learning environment tailored to laser education. The Advanced Mastery Course is followed by several Foundation Courses, which is the core curriculum for all new Waterlase owners. To provide quality education in other specialized areas of dentistry, Biolase also offers courses in endodontics, periodontics, and pediatric dentistry.

To expand education into facial esthetics, Biolase will offer a seminar on February 16, 2024, focusing on all-tissue laser therapies specifically designed for esthetic procedures and extra-oral skin resurfacing using the company’s new fractional handpiece. The seminar will also be held at the Biolase Education Center.

Ensuring dental clinicians are at the forefront of hygiene laser education, the Epic Diode Academy is offering monthly virtual hygiene diode courses, with instruction programs covering pocket therapy, periodontal debridement, management of oral ulcerations, and hemostasis. To support diode laser education for dentists, the Epic Diode Academy is also offering multiple virtual surgical diode courses focused on clinical utilization of diode lasers. Instruction will be focused on surgical applications in an innovative virtual hands-on environment.

Biolase plans to continue expanding its educational offerings through, enabling dental clinicians to elevate their standard of dental care and improve patient outcomes through laser technology.

Photo via Biolase