Admetec has launched the Ergo series of ultra-lightweight ergonomic loupes with up to 10x magnification to help users maintain proper posture.

Admetec’s Ergo vision enlargement solution is designed to help wearers maintain a neutral head position while tending to patients, preventing, or alleviating, back, neck, and other pain.

Dental professionals often spend long hours bent over in awkward positions to see fine details. The strain can lead to musculoskeletal disorders affecting muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments, joint cartilage, or spinal discs.

According to Admetec, as many as one-third of dentists retire prematurely due to physical ailments.

Ergonomic loupes combat pain and musculoskeletal disorders by enabling a healthy working posture.

A relatively new category, ergonomic loupes are designed to benefit both doctors through improved posture, and patients through more exacting and efficient care.

Customized to each individual wearer through a multi-factor process, the loupes’ precision vision and light weight helps healthcare practitioners work more comfortably and effectively for extended periods of time, maximizing concentration by minimizing physical discomfort.

The Ergo series are through-the-lens (TTL) deflection loupes enabling a real declination angle of up to 80 degrees.

Ergo 10x, with its large oculars, weighs just 52g. The loupes are available in six different levels of magnification: 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 7.5x and 10x.

“Ergo loupes are a disruptive innovation in a very traditional field. For decades the industry has discussed the importance of ergonomics and addressed the wellbeing of doctors,” said Danny Katz, Admetec’s chief operating officer. “And while every innovation was an improvement on predecessors, a new way of thinking was necessary to create a truly ergonomic solution.”

Photo courtesy of Admetec