Palmero_DynamicDisposables_OrangePalmero Healthcare, Stratford, Conn, a Hu-Friedy subsidiary, has added two new options to its line of Dynamic Disposables—lightweight, disposable alternative eye protection that reduces eye splash contamination incidents. The new office packs each contain 10 reusable frames, a cord, and 20 disposable lenses designed and tested to protect the eyes of both clinicians and patients.

The Dynamic Disposables Office Pack orange bonding lenses provide protection from harmful blue light rays. According to the company, the lenses have been tested and proven to ensure they truly filter out the harmful blue wavelength of light from 380-495 nm. The lenses can be worn over the clinician’s prescription eyewear.

The grey lens Dynamic Disposables Office Pack is designed for patients, offering them protection from bright operatory lights and splashes and splatters. The grey color filters also protect against potentially harmful UVA and UVB rays to which patients may be exposed in a clinical setting.

While Palmero has always offered orange and grey filtered lenses as replacement packs, this release is the first time the company has offered them as in a starter pack format.

Each lens features fog-free, anti-glare, anti-static coating for a clear field of view. The reusable frame and snap-on top-down design help eliminate pressure points found in traditional safety eyewear, according to the company. The shields can be replaced for each patient, which can help reduce staff time cleaning and disinfecting safety eyewear. All the lenses in Palmero Healthcare’s disposable line feature self-closing holes to prevent gaps and meet OSHA and CDC guidelines for protective eyewear.