NuEyes announced the NuLoupes smart glasses, offering high-resolution digital magnification and 3D stereoscopic imaging.

NuEyes announced its next generation of smart glasses called NuLoupes due out later this year designed for the surgical and dental loupe market

Moving from fixed magnification to NuLoupes’ high-resolution variable digital magnification provides doctors with improved versatility and viewing area.

Using NuEyes’ proprietary patent-pending camera system, NuLoupes provides 3D stereoscopic imaging with near-zero latency. The camera system delivers sub-millimeter accurate depth perception to allow physicians to accurately understand the environment they are viewing.

Along with stereopsis imaging, NuLoupes offers access to a limitless ecosystem of augmented reality applications and content specifically designed to help clinicians. Using high-resolution displays, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, NuLoupes will provide access to dictation/operative notes, surgical and dental navigation, object recognition, remote health, 3D stereoscopic live streaming, and in-view patient data and imaging.

NuEyes worked with surgeons and dentists to design and develop NuLoupes. Their input helped shape the features, function, and ergonomic design.

“It’s exciting to see a product that we have been working on for years finally come to market. I am extremely appreciative of all the engineers and doctors that made NuLoupes a reality,” said Mark Greget, founder and chief executive officer of NuEyes. “The complexities of a 3D camera system that outperforms the human eye, fit into a small and ergonomic pair of AR smart glasses, will be another huge step forward for not only the medical industry but for how augmented reality is delivered.”

Photo courtesy of NuEyes