Hu-Friedy introduces SporeCheck, a biological indicator monitoring system designed to upgrade in-office infection-control practices by ensuring fast and effective sterilization of dental instruments. SporeCheck also helps dental professionals comply with best practices guidelines established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the ADA. These guidelines state that dental sterilization procedures and equipment should be monitored at least weekly and with each load that contains an implantable device to ensure the safest patient care.

According to the company, SporeCheck provides easy-to-read, reliable results in only 24 hours, as compared to most in-office spore tests that yield results in 48 hours or more, or traditional mail-in tests that can take weeks to obtain results.

SporeCheck is compatible with all types of steam sterilizers, including gravity, pre-vacuum, and Statim. It is also compatible with existing dry-lock incubators.

Chuck Hughes, an expert in sterilization, comments, “Following the SporeCheck protocol saves valuable time and is an essential upgrade for any size dental practice. Before Hu-Friedy offered SporeCheck, the time to process sterilizer testing was sometimes 3 to 4 weeks. With SporeCheck, that wait time is vastly reduced to just 24 hours, creating far more sterile environments compliant with state regulations.”

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