Medcillary, which prior to the pandemic worked with physicians, has created this new division to give dental providers sourcing PPE access to discount pricing and a 24-hour on-call service, as well as access to Medcillary’s online PPE store. 

Medcillary, a healthcare consultancy and distributor that has worked with physicians in recent months to source PPE, has launched a new venture aimed at dental professionals. Medcillary Smiles will give dental providers access to discount pricing and a 24-hour on-call service team as they look to source PPE. 

Prior to COVID, Medcillary’s core business was identifying and distributing innovative products and services for physicians. But with the pandemic, their focus shifted. 

According to Jon Boski, Medcillary’s CEO, the needs of dentists were something the company stumbled across. Someone from the University of Texas School of Dentistry Houston asked if she could offer Medcillary’s PPE Sourcing Team as a resource for colleagues desperate to find masks meeting the state’s suddenly stricter COVID guidelines. That referral reportedly turned into a flood of calls from dentists across Texas and the Gulf Coast. According to the company, the sourcing team that was at first overwhelmed has since become an online PPE store with one of the nation’s largest in stock, domestic inventories, global supply chain and countrywide delivery matrix.

“We dove in to help dentists almost on day one. We didn’t realize how deep the dive was going to be,” said Boski. “Since the beginning of the pandemic we’ve been rallying to help people and businesses unfamiliar with the ins-and-outs of PPE. Dentists caught us by surprise, as a clearly underserved corner of healthcare.”

Dental practices make up over half of Medcillary’s PPE business. The company has other specialties for schools, small business, and production companies. Medcillary Smiles is reportedly the largest of these specialties to formally get its own niche at Medcillary. 

“The speed with which this has come together is a testament to the team’s real desire to help,” Boski said.

Boski says Medcillary Smiles will be a piece of Medcillary’s business post-pandemic. The company is looking to also expand its services for dentists to include sourcing dental product innovations.