The latest in the company’s BracePaste bonding adhesive product line, BracePaste Color Change features a purple color that turns translucent upon curing for easier clean up and bracket placement. 

American Orthodontics introduced the latest product in its BracePaste product line—BracePaste Color Change, giving orthodontists an additional option for its medium viscosity adhesive. 

According to the company, BracePaste Color Change has the same familiar feel and workability of BracePaste but its purple color turns translucent upon curing for ease of clean up and enhanced placement of brackets. 

Just like BracePaste, BracePaste Color Change is intended for bonding of metal and ceramic brackets. It is designed to minimize bracket drift and provide easy flash clean up. Upon light cure, the bracket is ready for immediate tie in of arch wires. The adhesive reportedly is compatible with most other light cure orthodontic sealants and bond enhancers. And, according to the company, BracePaste Color Change offers consistent fluorescence under UV light for enhanced adhesive cleanup. 

BracePaste Color Change is available in syringes or carpules and is stored at room temperature. In addition to syringes and carpules, BracePaste Color Change is sold in kits that include two syringes, a bottle of BracePaste Moisture Tolerant Primer or Fluorsure Primer, 50 sealant applicator tips, 5 spatulas, and an applicator handle. BracePaste Color Change is also priced the same as BracePaste.