Lantis Laser, the only commercial developer of optical coherence tomography (OCT) for dental applications, is initially targeting its Dental OCT System for use in the early detection of tooth decay, secondary decay under and around fillings, root surface decay, and decay under sealants. However, new studies indicate that the Lantis OCT Dental Imaging System could be deployed for more dental applications than originally envisaged.

Application in orthodontics have been indicated related to the detection of early demineralization using OCT. According to the company, OCT can detect early demineralization. An article by Cosmin Sinescu et al in the May issue of International Society of Optical Engineering showed how using OCT to examine the outcome of different bracket bonding materials and procedures could affect stability of bracket retention and minimize failures.

Stan Baron, President and CEO of Lantis, commented that, "The more applications OCT can be used for, the more dentists would find it indispensable and this would, of course, accelerate the rate of adoption of dental OCT and the market penetration."