palmero-ProVision-Eyesaver-SleeksPalmero Healthcare, a Hu-Friedy subsidiary, located in Stratford, Conn, has added two new eyewear designs to its ProVision Safety Eyewear product line. The eyewear is designed to provide eye protection during routine bonding procedures.

ProVision Eyesaver Sleeks Red Frame/Red Bonding Lens are ultra-light googles that can fit over prescription eyewear. They feature adjustable temples for a broader facial fit and integrated side shields for all-around eye protection. This new red option complements the company’s existing clear, grey, and green options, and is designed to filter out the harmful blue light rays generated during bonding procedures.

Palmero-ProVision-Infinity-eyewearMeanwhile, ProVision Infinity Replacement Lens and Bonding Lens are the company’s upscale line of eyewear, designed specifically to reduce fogging and static, with unique tilt and telescoping features that ensure the eyewear can adapt comfortably and optimally to any facial structure. In addition to the existing ProVision Infinity clear replacement lens, Palmero has extended the product line to include a new bonding replacement lens that provides full protection from harmful blue light rays.

Both products are available starting May 20, 2019.

According to the company, most dental products used today during bonding and whitening procedures require the absorption of optical radiation in the wavelength range of 350-500 nm to set. This blue light can reportedly cause moderate to severe damage to the retina and optical nerve for both the dental professional and the patient. Without the proper optical protection, the retina is at risk for burning, accelerated retinal aging, and macular degeneration. Additionally, the cornea is at risk for injuries, photokeratitis, and even the development of cataracts or lens opacification.

These new additions to Palmero’s existing ProVision line multi-framed safety glasses provide new orange-red lens options to filter out and block UV and blue wavelengths and protect the eyes when curing resin-based restorative materials.