The company offers a range of infection prevention products, including two heavy-duty HEPA filtration systems and protective supplies, specifically Face Shields.

Great Lakes Dental Technologies is offering a range of infection prevention products. According to the company, these products help prevent the spread of antibiotic-resistant microorganisms. These heavy-duty HEPA filtration equipment and protective supplies are intended for the waiting room and operatory. 

The first of the company’s two HEPA filtration equipment offerings is the Vanguard Gold Mobile Chairside HEPA Filtration Unit. This new extra oral dental suction unit is designed to safely capture chairside aerosols. Placed in the operatory, this filtration unit reportedly helps protect staff and patients from airborne contaminants. 

The second HEPA filtration system the company offers is the Pure Breeze HEPA Air Purifier, which cleans and filters the air. According to Great Lakes, the air purification system can exchange air in a 10’ x 11’ x 8’ room 96 times per hour or 1.6 times per minute. This system is ideal for the waiting room. 

The company also offers Great Lakes Face Shields as part of its protective supply offerings. Constructed with medical-grade, optically clear PETG thermoplastic, it is designed to protect against aerosols, sprays, droplets, and mists. According to the company, it accommodates most dental loupes, safety glasses, and masks.