The free webinar, scheduled for Tuesday, May 19, will talk about how the Solea laser can be used to minimize aerosols and splatter, as well as virus and bacteria transmission, and reduce PPE expenses. 

Henry Schein is offering a free webinar, entitled “How to minimize aerosols, splatter, viruses & bacteria, and PPE expenses with the Solea Laser.” The webinar, led by Drs Scott Froum and Yooson Kim, will take place Tuesday, May 19 at 1 pm ET. 

Recognizing that the reduction of aerosols, splatter, and risk of virus and bacteria transmission between patients and staff are top priorities in the COVID-19 environment, Froum and Kim will discuss how the Solea laser supports a safer practice. They will specifically focus on how the Solea can help significantly reduce aerosols and how it can be used to cut hard and soft tissue at temperatures that destroy viruses and bacteria without physical contact. 

They will also discuss how anesthesia-free dentistry with Solea minimizes PPE expenses by allowing clinicians to perform multi-quadrant dentistry and to stay in the operatory until all treatment is delivered.