On the Market

Acrylic Resin
Lang Dental offers the Jet Tooth Shade, a self-curing acrylic resin for temporary crowns and bridges. The Methyl methacrylate material provides 3D cross-linking, ensuring durability and stability. The hard restoration is easy to trim and polish. Patients will appreciate its color accuracy and the comfort of their crown or bridge.

For more information, contact Lang Dental Manufacturing Co Inc, 175 Messner Dr, Wheeling, IL 60090; (800) 222-5264; www.langdental.com.

Digital X-ray System
Planmeca introduces the ProMax 3D Cone Beam Computed Volumetric Tomography system, which provides digital panoramic imaging, digital panoramic bitewings, and digital cephalometrics—all with one x-ray system. ProMax is available for use on-site in any orthodontist’s office. The system’s 3D x-ray exposure time is 7 seconds, with a rapid scan rate of 18 seconds per image. Its flat-panel, semiconductor-based sensor provides high sensitivity, clear image resolution, and distortion-free images. The system can be used for implantology, maxillofacial surgery, orthodontic planning, temporomandibular joint analysis, and other general diagnostic procedures. The radiation dose of a full volume is approximately equivalent to that of an FMX series. The x-ray system is available as an upgrade to all existing ProMax x-ray systems or as a new unit from the factory.

For more information, contact Planmeca USA Inc, 100 N Gary Ave, Suite A, Roselle, IL 60172; (630) 529-2300; www.planmeca.com.

Web-Based Referral Software
Solutions by Design introduces Schedules ScreenPlay 3.0 in six languages. Clinical content has been expanded and enhanced to include refined imagery and malocclusion presentations. The system is a free upgrade for current users. A customized digital introductory patient-education video and a mini-patient-education video series are also available. The company also offers ScreenPlay ReferralWare (SPRW), which combines case presentation and a Web-based referral system. SPRW links orthodontists with each of their referring dentists and specialists. It gives orthodontists a chance to help their referring dentists educate patients at the dentist’s office and then instantly refer the patient online to the orthodontist. The dentist and the orthodontist can track patient referrals, analyze referrals, automatically send e-mail reminders to patients for appointments, and create a recall database with automatic recall reminders.

For more information, contact Solutions By Design, 2109 W Bullard Ave, Bldg 161, Fresno, CA 93711; (800) 888-4084; www.solutionsbydesign.com.

Practice-Management Software
New Horizons Software has partnered with TransFirst Health Services to offer OrthoExec® Advanced Series practice-management software. Users can now process credit card and electronic check transactions without migrating out of their software or away from their computer, alleviating the need for stand-alone point-of-sale equipment. Other features include autoposting to patient files and accounting records, the ability to make both manual and automatic recurring payments, and complete payment-processing services. The payment-process features are fully integrated with the OrthoExec Advanced Series’ existing practice-management features, including patient check-in and scheduling, automated correspondence, electronic treatment cards, patient file storage, imaging programs, and accounting tools.

For more information, contact New Horizons Software, 301 NE 117th Ave, Vancouver, WA 98684; (800) 543-5999; www.nhsoftware.com.

Temporary Cement
J. Morita USA offers PowerTemp, an auto mix, temporary cement that comes in a mini syringe. PowerTemp is used for the temporary cementation of crowns or bridges, as well as try-in and evaluation of permanent restorations. The cement’s noneugenol and ZnO/organic-based formula does not inhibit the curing of resin-based materials. PowerTemp can be purchased in a 50-ml cartridge or a 5-ml mini-mix syringe.

For more information, contact J. Morita USA Inc, 9 Mason, Irvine, CA 92618; (888) 566-7482; www.jmoritausa.com.

Wire Director and Opener
Ortho Organizers offers the Carriere LX™ wire director and opener, a double-sided instrument that helps open and close the locking mechanism (cap) in the Carriere LX bracket face while helping to seat archwires into the Carriere LX Passive Self-Ligating Bracket System. The wire director and opener’s ergonomic 3/8-inch handle is made from medical-grade stainless steel and provides a light, comfortable instrument with tactile sensitivity and control. The double-ended instrument tips are made from surgical-grade stainless steel. One end of the instrument has a curve similar to a ligature remover’s, with a rounded tip that fits into a recess on the bracket’s cap for easy opening and closing. The other end features dual ligature-director-style tips that allow the clinician to direct, seat, and fully engage the archwire before closing the bracket cap.

For more information, contact Ortho Organizers, 1822 Aston Ave, Carlsbad, CA 92008;  (800) 547-2000; www.orthoorganizers.com.

Antibacterial Products
Henry Schein offers a trio of infection-control hand products. The Antibacterial Hand Soap with .2% triclosan provides protection from infection.  It is available in a fresh scent and contains aloe that prevents dryness. The moisturizing hand lotion protects the hands and prevents dryness from repeated washing and glove wearing. The alcohol-based sanitizer, with 62.5% ethyl alcohol as its active ingredient, may be used in the office when soap and water are not readily available. All hand products are available in a patented wall or countertop base with easy-to-replace bottles that eliminate the chance of cross-contamination from refilling.

For more information, contact Henry Schein Inc, 135 Duryea Rd, Melville, NY 11747; (800) 372-4346;  www.sullivanschein.com.

Micro Implant
Great Lakes Orthodontics introduces the AbsoAnchor® Micro Implant, which allows retraction of teeth, protraction of the posterior teeth, molar uprighting, molar distalizing, midline correction, intrusion of anterior and posterior teeth, and correction of occlusal canting. The AbsoAnchor does not require osseointegration, has nearly no anatomical location limitations, can be fully loaded immediately after placement, and may be removed at the end of treatment. According to the company, the micro implant is easy to insert, safe, and causes little or no discomfort for the patient. Designed with a diameter of 1.2 mm to 2.0 mm, the AbsoAnchor micro implant allows easy insertion into unattainable areas of the maxilla and mandible. It is made from titanium alloy; it features various head types; and it accepts all orthodontic systems, including wires, ligatures, elastomers, and springs. The implant is available in a kit or individually.

For more information, contact Great Lakes Orthodontics Ltd, 200 Cooper Ave, Tonawanda, NY 14151-5111; (800) 828-7626; www.greatlakesortho.com.

Organic Toothpaste and Mouthwash
Nature’s Gate Organics Advanced Care™ offers paraben-free toothpaste and mouthwash formulated with organic botanicals. The peppermint and raspberry mint whitening toothpastes with flouride cleanse, protect, and whiten teeth. Peppermint and raspberry mint mouthwash with flouride are alcohol-free, freshen breath, and offer oral protection. All the products are color-free and sulfate-free. They contain green tea, licorice root, and fig, known for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

For more information, contact Light Years Ahead, 8812 Hollywood Hills Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90046; (323) 650-2201.

Orthodontic Treatment Handpiece
Sabra Dental Products offers the Sabra 105 with patented angulation. Sabra delivers high torque, and its design allows the orthodontist to clearly visualize and access the posteriors without interference from the anteriors.

For more information, contact Sabra Dental Products, 289 Suburban Ave, Suite E, Deer Park, NY 11729; (800) 888-4435; www.sabradent.com.

Tooth Wipes
DR Products offers Spiffies™ Baby Tooth Wipes, individually packaged, disposable tooth and gum cleaners, which provide  plaque control. Spiffies is available in all-natural Baby Grape, Baby Apple, and Mmmango flavors. It contains xylitol, a safe, natural ingredient proven to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. The Spiffies towelette is wrapped around a finger and rubbed over teeth and gums.

For more information, contact DR Products, 3305 N Swan Rd, Suite 109, Tucson, AZ 85712; (520) 615-0751; www.spiffies.com.

Dental Crowns
Den-Mat Corp introduces Lumineers® 360°, full-coverage crowns that preserve tooth structure without irritation. Lumineers 360° eliminate the need for chamfers and shoulder preps and do not require anesthetic because dentin removal is avoided. The crowns are made from patented Cerinate porcelain and may be used on small, narrow teeth.

For more information, contact Den-Mat, 2727 Skyway Dr, Santa Maria, CA 93455; (877) 586-4633; www.lumineersdds.com.

Dental Gel
Pulpdent Corp offers Etch-Rite™ dental etching gel in unit dose packaging. Etch-Rite Etchettes™ are pipettes that contain 0.5 mL of Etch-Rite gel. The user simply snips off the end and squeezes it gently to dispense the Etch-Rite gel directly onto the tooth. The gel is a thixotropic phosphoric acid etch gel that stays in place, will not run onto exposed tissue, and washes off easily. Etch-Rite Etchettes are sold in packages of 50.

For more information, contact Pulpdent Corp, 80 Oakland St, Watertown, MA 02471; (800) 343-4342; www.pulpdent.com.

Ligature Pads
LeoneAmerica offers SLIDE™ AQUA™ low-friction ligature pads. SLIDE AQUA uses low-friction biomechanics and light orthodontic forces, reducing treatment time. The ligatures are resistant to stain and discoloration, a common problem with transparent elastomers. The low-friction ligature pads are available in a kit. Each kit contains 72 modules of six ligature pads each in three sizes: 24 extrasmall, 24 small, and 24 medium—a total of 432 pads in the kit.

For additional information, contact LeoneAmerica, 501 W Van Buren, Suite S, Avondale, AZ 85353; (800) 242-9986; www.americantooth.com.