Dental professionals across the commonwealth area can order N95 respirators and non-surgical isolation gowns through Shawmut at a discount.

Shawmut Corporation has partnered with the Massachusetts Dental Society (MDS) to offer its 5,000+ members PPE as part of the organization’s Member Savings Program. The partnership, which brings together two long-standing Massachusetts-based organizations, will allow MDS members to place orders for Shawmut’s Protex line of PPE, including N95 respirators and non-surgical isolation gowns, directly through Shawmut at a discounted price.

“From day one of the pandemic, dental offices, by nature of their business, have had a critical need for PPE to protect patients and employees,” said James Wyner, chief executive officer of Shawmut Corporation. “When we heard of the many struggles MDS members experienced sourcing quality, reliable PPE, we wanted to help ensure our fellow Bay Staters had the equipment needed to provide their services through the pandemic and beyond safely. We are proud to partner with the Massachusetts Dental Society to ensure its members will always have a reliable resource for high-quality, US-made PPE going forward.”

Shawmut Corporation created a new health and safety business unit in February, which applies the company’s trademark advanced materials, textile manufacturing, and process innovation techniques to producing high-quality, U.S. made, health and safety products, including medical isolation gowns, surgical barrier fabrics, and N95 particulate respirators.