The Organization for Safety & Asepsis Procedures (OSAP) has released its training tool "If Saliva Were Red" on DVD. The program teaches proper infection control technique through a graphic filmed demonstration in which the patient’s saliva contains red dye so that droplets, spray, and cross-contaminated surfaces can clearly be seen.

The 8-minute program contains three filmed versions of the same dental procedure, shown from patient seating through examination and ultrasonic scaling. For instructional purposes, the first two versions show the dental team making errors in proper infection control technique. Viewers have an opportunity to spot the errors as part of the learning process. In the second version, the patient’s saliva contains food-grade red dye, so it can be seen on gloves, instruments, and other surfaces. The results of improper technique can be seen as red droplets collect on the dentist’s face, spread to a telephone, and even get transferred to another worker when the assistant handles the patient’s chart without changing gloves. 

A Trainer’s Guide is included in the package. OSAP also offers a 10-question exam that can be signed and dated to document a worker’s training. Continuing Dental Education credit is available. 

The DVD can be ordered online at www.osap.org.