Nanoshield’s copper technology self-sanitizes surfaces to reduce transmission of germs between cleanings.

Nanoshield is a sanitizing technology designed to keep surfaces clear of germs between cleanings.

The Nanoshield’s copper technology can be custom sized and applied to a variety of surfaces. The antimicrobial film contains a substrate with a special resin layer with an active copper component.

The nano-copper reacts in a variety of ways to kill germs, according to manufacturer Nanoveu. As a positive ion, it attaches to the bacteria and virus’ outside structure to alter their ability to work.

Combined with oxygen, it forms a chemical substance called Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), damaging both the proteins and nucleic acids in viruses and bacteria and providing an antibacterial and antiviral effect. In direct contact, it disrupts the protective protein that surrounds bacteria and viruses.

According to the manufacturer, Nanoshield is suitable for any situation with multiple use, high-volume touch points including the healthcare industry. The protection it provides reportedly can last for up to a year.