As you enter Q4, you are probably meeting with your financial advisor. And one topic sure to be under discussion is whether or not your orthodontic practice should be making any end of year capital equipment purchases.

With that in mind, in this episode of In the Sterilization Room with Jackie, infection prevention and sterilization consultant Jackie Dorst, RDH, BS, offers advice to those thinking of making capital equipment purchases for the sterilization room. She provides a breakdown on the types of equipment you should look at—from sterilizers and cleaning equipment to handpiece lubricators and cabinets. She even advises you take a look outside the sterilization room at your high volume evacuation. HVE has been recognized to remove 85% to 94% of aerosols generated. Now is the time to determine if yours is operating optimally, and if not, add a new vacuum pump to your shopping list.

In this episode, Jackie also provides a breakdown on the costs of these different types of equipment and how the new technology can bring efficiencies to the workday. She also shares how the supply chain issues hitting the globe are impacting sterilization equipment purchases. Her advice: If this is a capital equipment purchase you want to complete in 2021, order now. OP


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