Sirona Dental Systems introduces its new Sirona by Kappler Instrument Treatment Center (ITC), a complete sterilization center designed so the entire practice team can follow every phase of instrument sterilization regardless of the instrument organization method used.

The available ITC stations and modules, designed for each phase of instrument sterilization, can be configured to suit the specific needs of any dental practice. Technologically advanced and hands-free features include foot-activated, low voltage, electric motor-driven doors; a touchless soap dispenser with a motion sensor; foot-activated faucets; an intensity- and pattern-adjustable sprayer controlled independently from the faucet; and large-capacity wrapping stations.

The Sirona by Kappler ITC enables a continuous transition between instrument sterilization and recirculation back into the treatment areas. As the instruments move through the various ITC stations and modules, they are put through a four-phase sterilization process that includes steps such as receiving, cleaning, decontaminating, preparing, packaging, sterilizing, and storing. Processes such as hazardous waste disposal, rinsing, instrument lubricating, wrapping, and staging also occur seamlessly throughout the entire sterilization process and comply with all CDC, ADA, and OSHA recommendations and guidelines.

The sterilization stations and modules in the Sirona by Kappler ITC accommodate all sterilization equipment and are available in a wide range of configurations. Equipment integration for different sterilization techniques and equipment includes steam, dry heat, and chemical sterilization. The configurations allow free circulation of the sterilizing agents and include waterproofing features to prevent premature deterioration of the modules.

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