The RH-Pro9 features a smaller footprint with the same high-level of sterilization expected from a sterilizer using FDA-cleared high-velocity hot air technology. 

CPAC Environmental Solutions launched its new waterless tabletop sterilizer—the RH Pro9 Medium-Capacity tabletop sterilizer. 

Featuring a smaller tabletop footprint, the RH-Pro9 produces the same high-level sterilization that is expected from using FDA-cleared high-velocity hot air (HVHA) technology, says the company. The Pro9 also provides a complete 12-log kill cycle from start to finish with 12 minutes for unwrapped instruments and less than 20 minutes for wrapped instruments. 

According to the company, independent laboratory tests have confirmed that RapidHeat’s energy consumption is 85% less than steam. These tests have also confirmed that the RapidHeat waterless sterilization environment does not contribute to instrument corrosion and shortened instrument life that have been proven to be characteristic of steam sterilization. 

In addition to the RH-Pro9, CPAC also offers RapidHeat sterilizers in two other models: the RH-Pro11 Large-Capacity 4-tray unit and the small single-tray COX RapidHeat unit.