On the Market

Acrylic Formula

Masel offers Ultracryl II™, an acrylic formula for preparing strong, fog-free, transparent appliances that will not break, scar, or scuff easily. The formula is available in crystal clear and transparent pink. Ultracryl II is a cadmium-free, extrafine acrylic that allows controlled placement of the powder for a stackable, nonslumping buildup. You can add colorful enhancements with electrik neon, glow ultracryl powder, electrik glitter additive, and electrik color concentrate.

2701 Bartram Rd
Bristol, PA 19007
(800) 423-8227

Orthodontic Sealer

Defend introduces heat sealers with a rugged heating element that resists breakage. Designed with Teflon and Micra Strip insulating cloths and a Silicone Strip, the UL-Certified workhorse seals plastic sterilization tubing in 1 to 2 seconds. The 8-inch Heat Sealer features automatic shutoff and is available in 110-volt and 220-volt models.

Defend, MyDent International
80 Suffolk Court
Hauppauge, NY 11788
(800) 275-0020

Curing Light

J Morita USA offers Pencure, an LED curing unit that features parallel light beams. It delivers concentrated light that does not diffuse at the edges so that Pencure retains its high power even at a distance and delivers uniform polymerization. It also offers a rotating, compact head, which allows easy curing of teeth that are difficult to reach, according to the company. Pencure is ergonomically designed, lightweight, and well-balanced with the center of gravity placed between the index finger and thumb. It is cordless and features an integrated time-setting display.

J Morita USA
9 Mason
Irvine, CA 92618

Cleaning Tablets

Henry Schein introduces its MaxiTabs cleaning tablets, which remove tough stains such as calculus, tartar, tobacco, and food from dentures, bridges, orthodontic appliances, and instruments. One tablet makes 5 ounces of solution.

Sullivan-Schein Dental
135 Duryea Rd
Melville, NY 11747
(800) 372-4346

Bracket Cap

Comfort Solutions introduces a bracket cap for the MARA appliance that can be removed and replaced by the patient. All Comfort Solutions products are manufactured from mouthguard material and provide instant relief from oral ulcers caused by metal or ceramic brackets, Crossbow™ appliances, Forsus™ EZ Modules, HTH appliances, T.P. Flip Lock appliances, TADs, transpalatal arches, and Herbst screws. The caps also prevent lip irritation in wind-instrument players.

Comfort Solutions Inc
305-20897-57 Ave
Langley, BC, Canada V3A 8L5
(604) 532-2078

Cotton Roll

Richmond Dental offers its improved wrapped cotton roll, which features greater absorbency and patient comfort. The cotton roll is made with a 100% cotton core surrounded by 100% cotton, nonwoven fabric. The wrapped cotton roll is 28% more absorbent than other standard cotton rolls and absorbs fluids in an average of 2.6 seconds, according to the company.

Richmond Dental
PO Box 34276
Charlotte, NC 28234
(800) 277-0377

Hygiene Handpiece

DentalEZ Group offers the Prophy Star® 3 Hygiene Handpiece. Ergonomically designed and weighing only 65 grams, the Prophy Star 3 has an anodized aluminum design to reduce hand and wrist fatigue. The removable silicone grip of the Prophy Star 3 is autoclavable up to 275°F (135°C). Replacement grips are available in blue, aqua, purple, and pink. The Prophy Star 3 is only 4 inches in length, making it less likely to trigger a patient’s gag reflex. The 360° swivel of the Prophy Star 3 is ergonomically designed for better operation and control. The Prophy Star 3 handpiece is part of the StarDental Prophy Hygiene Pack, which includes the Titan® Plus Sonic Scaler with tips and two StarDental hand instruments with fixed or swivel scalers.

DentalEZ Group
101 Linderwood Dr, Suite 225
Malvern, PA 19355
(866) DTE-INFO

Dental Water Jet

Water Pik line of oral care products introduces the Ultra Cordless Dental Water Jet (WP-450W). The water jet includes four tips—thestandard jet tip, the Pik Pocket® subgingival tip, the tongue cleaner, and the orthodontic tip. According to the company, the orthodontic tip with tapered brush is clinically proven to remove three times more plaque and reduce bleeding compared to floss. The device features an ergonomic design with a nonslip grip. The dual pressure control allows customized use—from low for gentle cleaning to high for deep cleaning. The device is compact and rechargeable.

Water Pik Inc
1730 E Prospect Rd
Fort Collins, CO 80553
(800) 525-2020

Hard Drive Duplicator

Kanguru Solutions introduces the Kanguru Clone, a high-speed, stand-alone hard drive duplicator. The Clone clones multiple hard drives with the touch of a button. Its speed allows fast and efficient data transfer, boot process, and loading of programs. The duplicator copies 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch drives using IDE connectivity, with the option to add SATA. The Clone features a resize function, which allows duplicating drives of varying capacities and brands.

Kanguru Solutions
1360 Main St
Millis, MA 02054
(508) 376-4245

Ring and Point Flash

Lester A. Dine introduces the Mini Macro Flash, a ring and point flash for Nikon digital cameras. The power supply of the Mini Macro Flash is smaller and lighter than current flash models, according to the company. The flash reduces the weight of the camera flash by half and the weight of the entire camera by more than 1 pound. The flash includes a ring flash for intraoral photography, an adjustable point flash for facial photography, and contoured anterior and lateral picture views. It works in the through-the-lens mode on Nikon D40, D40X, D50, D70, D80, and D200 Digital SLR cameras, and it can be mounted on all 60-mm or 105-mm macro lenses. It is sold in a complete kit, which includes the camera, lens, flash, and accessories.

Lester A. Dine Inc
PGA Commerce Park
351 Hiatt Dr
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418
(800) 624-9103