In its continued commitment to the community, Gendex Dental Systems, Des Plaines, Ill, has donated radiographic equipment to the HealthReach clinic in Mundelein, Ill. With the facility now functioning in its newly renovated structure, more dentists are able to volunteer to provide greatly needed dental services to many area residents.

The clinic began years ago as the Open Door, an organization that provided basic medical exams and donated clothing to residents in need. In 2005, Lee Bomgaars, DDS, a local pediatric dentist, began performing visual dental exams at the Open Door with a flashlight, the only dental service at the time. In 2006, the clinic got a boost when Ann Nowak, a local dental hygienist, used her $1000-gift charity card from Oprah Winfrey to jumpstart what became a frenzy of donations of used dental equipment and much-needed supplies. As the word spread, there were more donations, and soon Bomgaars was able to expand the center’s dental services.

In 2007, HealthReach took over for the Open Door. In the last year, with grants, financial gifts, donations of new and used equipment, services, and supplies from Abbott Laboratories, Gendex and other dental companies, dental organizations, and private dental professionals, the dental side of the facility has become equipped with operatories as well as a fully functional sterilization area. Along with Bomgaars, there are now more volunteer dentists and axillaries providing a wide variety of dental services for a greater number of patients, both children and adults.      

[Gendex Dental Systems]