IndInsider_BoydWith Adrian LaTrace, CEO, Boyd Industries

For decades, Boyd Industries has designed and manufactured exam and treatment chairs, delivery systems, and custom cabinetry for dental professionals. The company notes that design innovations, product durability, and an expansive product portfolio has helped it to aid the functionality of dental and orthodontic offices across the country.

Orthodontic Products spoke with Adrian LaTrace, CEO of Boyd Industries, regarding the landscape of today’s furnishing industry, and how the company is changing the way it looks.

Orthodontic Products: What sets Boyd Industries apart from other equipment manufacturers?

Adrian LaTrace: Our breadth of products. Boyd can supply a complete suite of operatory equipment to include cabinetry needed for sterilization, labs, records, and other cabinet needs of a busy orthodontic office. All equipment and cabinetry is manufactured at our Clearwater, Fla, factory by a skilled team of technicians and craftsmen.

What’s more, using a “Doctor Direct” sales approach is unique and differentiates us from others in the industry. By using this sales approach, as an OEM we are able to connect directly with our customers to build trust and confidence between them, our sales team, and our products. The trust forged between Boyd and our customers, in many cases, extends for more than 25 years.

Our network of Boyd sales representatives across the country will work directly with doctors and their staffs to design and specify our products to create unique environments meeting their tastes and operational requirements.

IndInsider_Boyd1OP: What role does customer service play for the company?

LaTrace: Whether it’s our knowledgeable sales team or Boyd’s service technicians, Boyd prides itself on providing the customer with superior customer care. We are a customer-centric company. It starts by listening to our customers about ways to continually improve our products to the consultative doctor-direct sales approach. By keeping the doctor and their staffs at the forefront of our actions, we keep the entire Boyd team working in unison to meet their expectations. Orthodontists and their staffs can expect to have their inquiry handled in a professional and timely manner. Our highly experienced staff will respond promptly to questions and needs. This is a characteristic of our customer focus approach.

OP: Please explain Boyd’s “vertically integrated approach” to manufacturing, sales, and service technicians.

LaTrace: An advantage of the vertical-integration of our manufacturing processes is it allows Boyd to control the quality and availability of product from receipt of raw materials to the completed end product.

At our Clearwater factory, we have manufacturing processes to fabricate most components used in our equipment. These processes include upholstery cutting and sewing, metal machining, welding, powder-coat painting, plastic thermoforming, and a full-line cabinet facility. It is unique to find an American manufacturing company with the capabilities of Boyd.

Another advantage of vertical-integration is the capability to react quickly to customer requirements. By controlling all processes, it gives Boyd the “nimbleness” to create custom products for our customers without excessive lead times. Our “built-to-order, configure-to-order” manufacturing method allows us to meet most customer orders within 4 to 6 weeks of receipt of order.

OP: What trends is Boyd seeing in the choices orthodontists make in their furnishing decisions?

LaTrace: Clearly the impact of increased operating expenses within the orthodontist office is influencing the economics of their purchase decisions. From our perspective as a capital goods manufacturer, we find that the doctors expect to purchase equipment and cabinets that will provide them many years of trouble-free service. This is not a new concept, but we are hearing more questions from doctors about product reliability, post-sales support, and overall performance. Fortunately for Boyd, these are areas we have excelled at over the years.

Recently, we have seen an increase in orthodontists partnering with either a pediatric dentist and/or oral surgeon in one facility. This helps each of the specialists to share in spreading their operating expenses. Having a multidiscipline practice under one roof can present challenges in office layout and equipment selections. We can help with this scenario because of our expertise in these three specialty markets.

Lastly, orthodontists are looking at ways to differentiate themselves from other orthodontists within their geographic area. A key point of differentiation is the appearance and aesthetics of their office. As the number of orthodontic offices a patient can choose from increases, the need to make their office appear fresh and current is critical in attracting new patients. We see doctors creating offices with more sophisticated styling.

IndInsider_Boyd2OP: Has the functionality or esthetic choices of orthodontists evolved over the years?

LaTrace: Certainly, laminate styles and upholstery colors have changed in keeping with current tastes. Lately, we see a trend toward vibrant colors on chairs and side units, which help them to “pop” and are visually stimulating to their patients and staffs. I have enjoyed observing the creativity many of our doctors exhibit in their office design and color choices.

However, we cannot overlook form over function. These two must go hand-in-hand in creating an environment that will stand up to the heavy demands of a busy orthodontic office. The temptation is to go with the lowest cost solution, especially for cabinetry, but will it stand up to the rigors placed on it by the staff in the course of their day. For example, our custom-made sterilization centers look amazing and incorporate design characteristics to help facilitate the efficient flow when sterilizing instruments, but are built with materials and techniques to assure its durability over time. Doctors should be cautious in their purchase decision to assure they get the best value for their investment by balancing form and function.

OP: What’s in store for Boyd Industries?

LaTrace: Boyd has enjoyed a track record of success in the orthodontic field for many decades. We have many doctors whose family are multigeneration owners of Boyd equipment. This speaks to the quality and reliability of our products. We intend to build onto this legacy by further enhancing the functionality, durability, and value of our products. Boyd looks forward to many more decades serving the orthodontic market. OP