Summary: Midmark has launched the next generation M9 and M11 Steam Sterilizers, offering enhanced durability, ease of use, and integrated features for efficient instrument processing and compliance.

Key Takeaways:

  • The new sterilizers feature a 5-inch touchscreen interface, streamlined compliance recordkeeping, and increased durability with a device life of 25,000 cycles.
  • Optional features include autofill and auto-drain, with additional accessories available to support optimum performance.

Midmark announced the launch of its next generation Midmark M9 and M11 Steam Sterilizers. The sterilizers have been designed for improved durability and ease of use, with integrated features to help care teams gain instrument processing and documentation compliance efficiencies.

M9 and M11 Sterilizers

“Effective instrument processing starts with dependable equipment and a simple, standardized workflow,” said Michael Couch, marketing director, Midmark Dental. “Next generation Midmark M9 and M11 Steam Sterilizers are designed with dental clinicians in mind, providing durability, automation, and easy-to-use operation to help deliver safe, efficient care.”

Designed to guide care teams through efficient, effective instrument processing, Midmark sterilizers can also reduce staff training time, according to the company.

Features of the M9 and M11 Sterilizers:

  • Intuitive User Interface: Navigate cycle setup and other user processes with a clear, fingerprint-resistant 5-inch touchscreen that can be operated while wearing gloves. It also features separate light or dark modes.
  • Streamlined Compliance Recordkeeping: Stay audit-ready with device reminders and notifications, user authentication, unlimited storage of routine care events for the life of the sterilizer, and automated cycle recordkeeping.
  • Enhanced Durability: Reduce the frequency of required maintenance by users and certified technicians by more than half, according to the company. Midmark sterilizers have been designed for durability, including an increased device life of 25,000 cycles thanks to a completely reengineered chamber.
  • More Cycle Options: Simplify clinical workflow with dynamic-air-removal steam sterilizers that provide unique preset cycles to meet both the CDC and AAMI sterilization cycle recommendations for wrapped instruments.
  • Optional Autofill + Auto-Drain: Get fresh water for every cycle.

Additional Features

Every unit is inspected and certified to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code by a third-party, licensed inspector. Additional accessories are available to support optimum performance for instrument processing applications, including a cool hand tool, USB kit, vertical cassette rack, and pouch racks.