DefendLoc-PouchesMydent International, Hauppauge, NY, has introduced its new DEFENDLOC PRE-FOLDED Sterilization Pouches. This product builds on the company’s Defend+Plus Sterilization Pouches.

According to the company, the DEFENDLOC PRE-FOLDED pouches allow for a complete and uniform seal of the pouch. The new pre-folded flap closure is designed to eliminate time spent adjusting the flap and misaligned seals that can compromise sterility.

DEFENDLOC PRE-FOLDED pouches are made of reinforced plastic and a rugged medical-grade paper to prevent against tears and perforations. Pouches feature dual internal and external indicators that change color when the optimum sterilization temperature has been reached, both in the autoclave chamber and inside the pouch.

The pouches also feature a strategically placed thumb notch to help simplify pouch opening and instrument removal.

DEFENDLOC PRE-FOLDED Sterilization Pouches are available in multiple sizes, and are offered at the same price as the original Defend+Plus Sterilization Pouch.