Oragenics Inc, Alachua, Fla, introduces EvoraPlus™, an all-natural probiotic teeth-whitening mint. According to Oragenics, EvoraPlus represents the first time probiotics, which have traditionally been used to support digestive and immune health, have been used for whitening teeth and eliminating bad breath.

“People tend to take a simple approach to oral care in our culture,” said Oragenics’ chief scientific officer, Jeffrey Hillman, DMD, PhD. “We think in terms of killing all of the bacteria that are present in the mouth. But it’s just not that simple; the human mouth contains many different types of bacteria, including some that are helpful to us.”

Oragenic’s propriety priobiotic blend, ProBiora3, helps maintain the oral flora in a healthy balance using a noninvasive daily routine. When the EvoraPlus mint melts on the tongue, the freeze-dried probiotics activate and attach themselves to the teeth and gum tissue, establishing colonies of active bacteria both on the surface of the teeth and beneath the gum line. According to the company, these colonies compete for nutrients and interfere with the harmful oral bacteria that disrupt gum and tooth health, and also cause bad breath. EvoraPlus is designed to work for patients who wear braces, dentures, caps, or veneers.

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