SmileDirectClub’s Stain Blocker puts an invisible barrier between teeth and staining beverages to keep them white.

SmileDirectClub has expanded its oral care product line with the Stain Barrier that protects teeth against staining beverages like coffee, tea, wine, and soda.

Stain Barrier features a gel applicator that uses a gentle whitening agent to block stains for up to 4 hours and is safe for daily use.

Each Stain Barrier comes with 30 applications per pen and is designed to be used 10 minutes before consuming beverages and dries clear within 5-10 seconds with a cool mint flavor. 

“With the launch of Stain Barrier, we are continuing to provide new solutions to help customers create and maintain a healthy and confident smile,” said Amy Keith, general manager of global oral care at SmileDirectClub. “The new Stain Barrier complements customers’ existing whitening routine by providing an additional layer of protection against the stain-causing beverages our customers like to enjoy.”

The Stain Barrier is available on SmileDirectClub’s online store and Walmart will also begin carrying the product in-store by mid-February.

Photo courtesy of SmileDirectClub