For dental practices in the Midwest affected by the flood this past spring, Ultradent is offering a discount through August 31 on supplies required to help reestablish a functional practice.

Dan Fischer, DDS, CEO at Ultradent, explains the program in the following letter.

“Dear Ultradent Partner,

We’re saddened by the tragedy of the Midwest floods and we realize how difficult this time must be for those who have been affected. Nature has chosen a path with difficult consequences. The devastation of the flood has extended throughout several counties, destroying the homes and businesses of many of our colleagues.

Ultradent would like to offer support to those with dental practices that have been damaged to help begin the path towards recovery. If your dental practice has been impacted by this tragedy, we’d like to help by offering a discount on the supplies required to help you reestablish a functional practice.

For information on how to redeem the flood relief discount, please call us at (888) 230-1420 and dial #1. Our customer support staff is available and prepared to meet your immediate needs from 6:00am to 6:00pm, Mountain Time. Please share this information with any others who may need our assistance.

While we’re certain it will take time for life to return to normal, we’re reassured by the collective support of the community. We hope to do our part by helping those affected rebuild their practices.

The families in the Midwest will be in our thoughts and prayers.

Most Sincerely,
Dan E. Fischer, DDS"

For more information, contact [removed]Ultradent[/removed].