OP ClearGuide-Aligners SIZED200According to AOA Lab, Sturtevant, Wis, it’s not uncommon for orthodontists to need extra aligners to achieve the desired results for a patient’s treatment. As a result, the company announces that as of January 27, 2014, users of the Simpli5, Red, White, and Blue cases will receive two free refinements per arch if needed. If any additional refinements are required, those will be charged at the discounted refinement price.

AOA Lab also notes that refinement charges for Clearguide™ cases will not apply unless the max number of 10 aligners per arch is exceeded. Simply stated, if a case is estimated to complete using eight upper and seven lower aligners, and it does not reach the approved setup, a practice will receive two upper and three lower aligners at no extra charge.

“Data shows that aligner cases do not always finish in the estimated amount of trays,” says Kevin Rattle, sales and marketing manager at AOA. “We recognize that this is an inconvenience to both the doctor and the patient, and we want to help offset these difficult scenarios with this offer.”