The Network is setting out to provide consumers interested in Invisalign aligner treatment with more information when choosing a provider.  

The National Aligner Network announced its launch. The network is setting out to provide consumers interested in aligner treatment with new options when choosing a clear aligner brand and finding an Invisalign provider. 

The Network says it believes patients are best served by receiving clear aligner treatment under the in-person supervision of a licensed dentist or orthodontist. While the National Aligner Network is not associated with, affiliated with, or endorsed by Align Technology, the Network is setting out to connect consumers with top Invisalign providers in the community. 

While patients use Invisalign’s own Doctor Locator to find and choose an Invisalign provider, the National Aligner Network will provide more information on individual providers as the Doctor Locator focuses on a provider’s Invisalign tier which is not intended to reflect the quality or skill level of the provider. 

“We are so proud to fill this gap in the orthodontic market and give patients the power of choice. Patients deserve to know all the facts. Clear aligners offer so many benefits over metal braces and patients deserve to enjoy those benefits with an improved patient experience. Our only allegiance is to the patient,” said Jace Campbell, founder of the National Aligner Network. “Until now, patients had no way to verify that their Invisalign provider consistently did what they said they would do – which is deliver a great smile with a proper bite in the treatment period the doctor originally prescribed.”

In a press release about the launch, the Network reported that it has on-boarded its first group of dentists and orthodontists in Texas and California and plans to roll out nationwide by the end of 2020. Invisalign providers interested in joining the National Aligner Network may request the Provider’s Information Packet through their website