Through the partnership, Smile Brands dentists and orthodontists will offer SmileDirectClub’s direct-to-office treatment model to its patients. 

SmileDirectClub has partnered with Smile Brands Inc and its 450 affiliated dental practices across 18 states to offer its direct-to-office model. Smile Brands patients join the SmileDirectClub Partner Network which was launched in January 2020. The direct-to-office treatment model was designed to create an additional path for consumers to begin aligner treatment with SmileDirectClub and its telehealth platform. 

“Our partnership with Smile Brands and its affiliated practices is a key step in our continued mission to increase access to affordable, accessible care,” said David Katzman, CEO and chairman at SmileDirectClub. “Dentists across the country want the ability to offer SmileDirectClub clear aligner therapy to their patients, and a segment of consumers prefer to start their journey in their regular dentist’s office. Until now, the in-office clear aligner therapy solution offered by dentists and orthodontists has required too high a cost and time commitment for many patients. They can now offer a more cost effective, and equally efficacious and safe option to patients through our telehealth platform.”

SmileBrands’ affiliated doctors can now offer SmileDirectClub clear aligner treatment, with a 3D scan or physical impression performed in the office, and treatment completed using the SDC telehealth platform. 

With the Smile Brands partnership, SmileDirectClub adds a third method for customers to begin treatment: with a 3D scan or dental impression performed at a Smile Brands’ affiliated dentist or orthodontist office; at one of SmileDirectClub’s SmileShops; or with a doctor-prescribed at-home impression kit. 

SmileDirectClub stated in its press release that “Regardless of how a customer’s journey begins, treatment is prescribed and monitored remotely by state-licensed dentists and orthodontists from start to finish using SmileDirectClub’s pioneering teledentistry platform.”

Smile Brands CEO Steve Bilt stated, “We are dedicated to making it easier for dental professionals to provide access to affordable oral healthcare, and being the launch partner for the SmileDirectClub Partner Network furthers that mission. Many patients are excluded from traditional orthodontic care by cost and the challenge of missing work or school for frequent office visits. I believe this places unnecessary long-term economic and social limitations on people. This partnership enables us to meet a growing patient need while saving valuable chair time for our affiliated dental practices; a win/win for both patient and practice. Our partnership with SmileDirectClub will also introduce hundreds of new patients to our dental offices to affordably address any other oral health needs they have as they start their teeth straightening journey at Smile Brands.”